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The Style Habitat was created as a result of our own struggle in finding affordable, modern and stylish interior decor items in the UK. We bought our first home in 2015 in a relatively small town of Aberdeen in Scotland. From the beginning we realised that we will have to source items for our home online since the selection of modern, stylish items in the local shops was very limited.

We didn’t expect that even online, finding affordable products that look modern and unique would be such an issue. We had to accept that we will have to raise our budget significantly, but it was also a beginning of what later became The Style Habitat. We started looking for creators, manufacturers and producers of “designer level” affordable items around the world.

Our guests would always come to our house and compliment our decor, inquire where did we get it and share our frustration about the lack of such items on the market. And this is how the idea of The Style Habitat was born. If you like Scandinavian or just modern minimalist design in general, be confident, you will find something beautiful for your home at The Style Habitat.


Our team has professional experience in interior design with degrees in Architectural Interior Design. Our team strives to create a complete image for a consistent and comprehensive "look" for a specific room.

If you would like any further recommendations on colours, furniture, lighting and anything else that would go well with the items you have purchased on The Style Habitat please contact us! We will be glad to give advice for free.

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